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Hydraulic water purification and air-conditioning circuits

Principle of operation

EMERALD models 2006 EMERALD-M1 and EMERALD-K1 different hydraulic water purification and air-conditioning circuits.

All the technological processes of water purification in EMERALD directed to water purification from microorganisms of all types and shapes, microbial toxins, heavy metal ions and harmful organic compounds, as well as imparting water physiologically functional properties.

Each process water treatment in any of the modifications of EMERALD devices models in 2006 included the following compulsory (core), the sequence of technological processes of purification:

  1. Water treatment in the anode chamber of the electrochemical reactor for the destruction of microorganisms and microbial toxins, oxidative degradation of organic compounds, water giving properties of the active oxygen carrier.
  2. Branch portion in the flotation reactor anodically treated water with coagulated particles of an organic material adhered to the oxygen or ozone bubbles. Flotation reactor performs the function of not only the separator for separating the coagulated particles of the organic, but also mixing of the reactor where there is a delay corresponding to the water flow and increase the exposure time of highly oxidants generated during anodic water treatment on microorganisms and microbial toxins.
  3. Treatment of water in a catalytic reactor in order to make possible a small amount of chlorine-containing oxidants produced during the anodic treatment of water in peroxides and hydroperoxides.
  4. Treatment of water in the cathode compartment of the electrochemical reactor in order to convert the heavy metal ions to insoluble hydroxides and imparting anti-oxidant properties of water. In EMERALD EMERALD-M1-K1 and cathodic treatment is made smaller volume of water than the anodic treatment. This allows a more complete conversion of the heavy metal ions into insoluble hydroxides, and also provides a significant change in the redox potential of the water towards increased antioxidant properties.
  5. Removal of heavy metal hydroxides in an external removable cartridge filter. This cartridge filter makes it easy to delay the insoluble particles of heavy metal hydroxides and hardness, which provides water clarity and ensures that no residue. At the same time on the filter material no microorganisms and filtration takes place under conditions conducive to increase the resources of the cartridge.

Purified water

There is a mistaken belief that home water purifier should be removed from the water, "everything." Such units exist. But they remove trace elements necessary for the body, a deficiency which can not be compensated meal. Prolonged use of filtered demineralized water, similar in properties to distilled, can cause disturbances in the body of water and mineral metabolism and other complications. Furthermore, mechanical filters and sorption device antioxidant not produce water.

As is known, spring water is filtered through layers of rock or sediment, where they are enriched biomikroelementami and exposed telluric currents also cause a weak effect of electrochemical activation. The installations "Emerald" electrochemical activation of water is more pronounced.

Installations for water purification and water conditioning EMERALD give physiologically functional properties, which have a beneficial effect on the body by the use of water as part of the usual diet.

The EMERALD main processes are redox reactions on inert (communicating with purified water only electrons) electrodes. According to numerous range of physical and chemical reactions in the EMERALD plants, they are as close to the natural processes of purification of water in nature, as well as the reactions of phagocytosis in the body of warm-blooded animals and humans in the destruction of microorganisms and foreign substances.

Also, do not have analogues in the known schemes of water processes of structural transformation of water treatment, process water, giving an electron donor properties - antioxidant with hidden properties of an electron acceptor (active oxygen carrier). These processes can take place only in the processing of water in the compact modular diaphragm flow electrochemical RD-16 cells. The antioxidant properties of water occur within 3 days from the time of processing. The water molecules from the EMERALD devices form associates (clusters), the optimal size and biological activity. One cluster "emerald" water consists of 5 - 7 molecules of H 2 O, while stagnant clusters ( "stale") of water to contain 20 molecules and degradative, unpleasant taste has no water cluster structure.

"Emerald" antioxidant water protects the body from the toxic action of strong oxidizing agents (derived isoprene). Water from the EMERALD devices transmits the protective antioxidant properties of the internal environment and thus provides protection against toxic oxidants not only in water but also in the air, in food, as well as reduces the effect of ionizing radiation (radioprotective effect, characteristic of the antioxidant drinks). Antioxidant water improves passive immunity and general condition of the body.

EMERALD installation purified treated water from microorganisms of all types and shapes, microbial toxins, heavy metal ions and harmful organic compounds. This is achieved in that during the anode oxidation reactions of microorganisms, microbial toxins and organic compounds (herbicides, pesticides, phenols) are destroyed. Heavy metal ions converted into insoluble hydroxides as a result of cathodic reduction and then removed by means of additional devices in the flotation reactor and electrokinetic or conventional filters.

Water treated in the EMERALD devices meets the requirements of hygiene standards. It holds the body necessary for useful minerals: potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, lithium, fluorine, iodine, and others.

When boiled in water, processed in EMERALD, additional loss of hardness salts can occur (scale) that is safe for the body and is an additional water purification factor of excessive rigidity. Accidental ingestion of scaling salts are not soluble in gastric juice and bind (adsorbed) on protein and compounds derived from the gastrointestinal tract by natural means.

EMERALD high-efficiency. They allow a few minutes to obtain a volume of water sufficient for consumption for 1 - 2 days. Keep this water should be in enamel containers or containers made of glass. Long-term storage "emerald" of water, if once in 1-2 days you can get a fresh batch does not make sense.


EMERALD purifiers do not require replacement of any cartridges, but they need to be cleaned regularly, 5-7% hydrochloric acid or 15% solution of vinegar (one part vinegar to three parts water) to remove accumulated sediments cathode hardness salts. To wash each unit is equipped with a special device. Device for washing is screwed onto a standard plastic beverage bottle, previously filled with an acid solution. By washing devices connected hub input device hose. The two remaining hose placed into an empty plastic bottle.

Be sure to disconnect from the mains when flushing the acid water purifier!

Pear-supercharger acid is slowly pumped from one bottle to another. After acid washing it should be washed for 1 - 2 minutes with tap water. To do this, without having to connect the device to an electrical outlet, inlet hose is connected to the tap, and the output is sent to the sink hose.

With regular washing water purifier "Emerald" will serve you for a very long time.


EMERALD fixed to the wall with two screws in the vicinity of the faucet, drain to the sewer (sinks) and the electrical outlet. You can also hang the unit on the kitchen roof rails with hooks. On tap is screwed shipped with special nozzle-divider. It connects the nozzle inlet hose water purifier.

The water purifier is connected to the mains. Drain hose and purified water outlet hose is routed into the sink. Then the tap is opened and exhibiting water flow of 60 liters per hour (1 liter per minute). Inclusion installation occurs automatically when the flow of water therethrough, as indicated by flow indicator on the front panel of the installation. Installation is ready to use, clean water outlet hose (marked with a white rim) is sent to a holding tank.


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