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Aquachlor Equipment

Aquachlor equipment are designed for at site electrochemical synthesis of disinfecting aqueous solution of oxidant mixture (hypochloric acid, hypochlorite ions, chlorine dioxide, ozone, hydroperoxide compounds) through electrochemical decomposition of a sodium chloride solution.

Aquachlor equipment are an alternative compact and high-performance source of oxidant mixture, and can be used as a substitute for liquid chlorine cylinders and containers and, in fact, chlorinators for drinking water treatment plants , for treatment of waste water supply, for treatment of domestic and industrial waste water, for swimming pool water treatment systems in the form of single modules or groups of modules, combined into a single hydraulic system to a predetermined output oxidants - from 30 grams per hour to hundreds of kilograms per hour.

Aquachlor equipment offer a conceptually new process of electrochemical decomposition of brine – ion-selective electrolysis with diaphragm.

Emerald Equipment

EMERALD models 2006 EMERALD-M1 and EMERALD-K1 different hydraulic water purification and air-conditioning circuits.

All the technological processes of water purification in EMERALD directed to water purification from microorganisms of all types and shapes, microbial toxins, heavy metal ions and harmful organic compounds, as well as imparting water physiologically functional properties.

STEL Equipment

STEL equipment are used for the synthesis of highly effective electrochemically activated ecologically clean and pure functional solutions:

  • Anolytes: which is used for disinfecting, sterilizing and sanitizing
  • Catholytes: which is used for cleaning

STEL equipment are used at site production of electrochemically activated detergent, antimicrobial, remedy and technological solutions – anolyte and catholyte with high functional activity and ecological purity. Each piece of STEL equipment contains flow-through electrochemical diaphragm reactor, hydraulic system for initial solution supply into the reactor and electrochemical synthesis products outlet from the reactor and a power supply.

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