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EKlor Systems

EKlor Systems is a division of Green Power Consultancy. The company sells and distributes most environmentally and ecologically preferable commercial technologies and equipment which produce on site eco-friendly and non-toxic to humans, sterilization and disinfection solutions.⁠⁠⁠⁠ Food salt, drinking water and electricity are used to produce on-site, the most eco-friendly disinfection and sterilization solutions. The disinfection and sterilization solutions (Anolyte and Catholyte) produced by EKlor Systems equipment are so cheap that a client's payback period for their initial investment will be very timely. The disinfection and sterilization solutions (Anolyte and Catholyte) replace all other disinfection and sterilization methods used currently in different industries.

All equipment sold and distributed by EKlor Systems are manufactured by Holding Company Laboratory Electrochemical Technology in Russia.

All equipment offered by EKlor Systems have European Quality Standard with 1 to 3 years guarantee depending on type of equipment. These equipment are simple in use and can be adopted without big alteration in existing systems.

EKlor Systems also provides after-sales repair and maintenance services to clients. The company consists of a dedicated and experienced team of professionals who are keen to provide their customers an efficient and reliable service.

LET Holding Company has manufactured and sold around 1000 Aquachlor equipment and 5000 STEL equipment in different part of the world. See references page.

LET is active in development of ECA technology and is continuing theoretical research in field of ECA technologies, scientific and engineering development of systems and equipment, manufacturing of experimental equipment, serial production of ECA technology based equipment and implementation of projects on "turnkey" basis.

Industries We Serve

Food Service
Municipal Services
Health care
Developing communities
Fishing & poultry