Environment Friendly,
Green Sterilization

Non-toxic, Non-invasive & Safe

We sell and distribute sterilization equipment based on Elecro-chemical Activation of brine solution.

About EKlor Systems

Based in Norway, we sell and distribute the most environmentally and ecologically preferable commercial technologies and equipment which produce on site eco-friendly and non-toxic to humans, sterilization and disinfection solutions.


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EKlor Systems sells equipment which are based on an innovative technology called the Electro-chemical Activation (ECA). Food salt, drinking water and electricity are used to produce on-site, the most eco-friendly disinfection and sterilization solutions.

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Fields of application

Environmentally-friendly disinfection and sterilization solutions produced by EKlor Systems equipment can be used in many industries, with a variety of benefits to both the environment as well as human health.

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Industries We Serve

Food Service
Municipal Services
Health care
Developing communities
Fishing & poultry